Dinner at the Vicarage – Zoom event and blog hosted by Giles Fraser

Let’s all cook and eat together, one night a week. 

Dinner at the Vicarage is a pop-up blog about food, wine, and faith. It is intended as a bit of fun during these trying months where many of our churches are closed and many people are feeling isolated and cut off from church life.

The basic idea is that once a week, some of us might meet and eat and drink together over zoom, a bit like an extended parish party. And we have asked a number of Church of England bishops to suggest a dish, so that we all might cook and eat the same thing. At the same time, Will Lyons, the distinguished wine critic for the Sunday Times, has suggested a bottle of wine that will go well with the Bishops’ menus. So do join us, just for fun and company. All are invited. 

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